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smooth dog fish

the sea lion swims in tiny circles of apathetic and unknowable rage resignation against the smooth fluorescent swimming pool blue concrete or is it cement I can never remember the fish dog flips flippantly flipping whiskers up huffs it’s baited breath whisper bark the breadth of the twenty-four-seven lighted aqua chamber (everybody else has long gone home) circus rung prison lung...

Just Another Day in the Life of a Trigger Warning

This past Sunday I opened the NY Times to see the screaming headline, “The Internet Is Overrun With Images of Child Sexual Abuse. What Went Wrong?” I then read the article which as impressive as it was disturbing. The first thing that impresses is the formatting, layout and presentation. The headline was dramatic enough but the experience of clicking through it and scrolling through...

untitled (still the breeze)

dry, dry air, moss, lichen, pale green, grey-green, sage, gnarled, twisted branches, dusty, olive leaf, olive berry...


we walked in the
Moonrise Kingdom
of your car
only to find
a thousand ways
to kneel and kiss...


there is none but the many no where but the now this is the way to the stars if you climb the stares to find them...

predicted text

the fact I can be
to be the first
half of the day before
I get a follow back
on my way home from
work to be the first
half of the year...

I Know Why So Many Women Wait So Long to Speak of Their Abuse

My first reaction upon seeing the recent #MeToo campaign was to join the chorus because I am also a survivor of sexual abuse. Speaking out has been helpful to my recovery and by being outspoken I want to let other sexual abuse survivors know they are not alone and maybe even to encourage some of them to break their silence. After a few minutes reflection, though...

The View (from here)

Screaming motorcycles
encircle my house
triggering a fear
of the dangers of
daring to be young

Waiting to be Paid

In the beginning was the word
and the word was Rob't Earl,
a live wire from the streets,
a direct hit to the heart...

patamystic poems and writing
Eric Jennings

My name is Eric Jennings and this is my poetry and writing blog. I am an invocateur, an acccidental yogi, and I dabble in patamysticism, which is the spiritual branch of pataphysics. You can read a little more about me here.

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