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diceware gumball


rover earlobe garage folk lavishuntried yanking undertow enclosedeploy bakery excusable epidermaldolphin frail repressed broadwayslapped sporty foe monorail glaringshortcake salvation encourageuncouth elm thinly custard angertheorize coyness quizzical emperorhydrant shrewdly handcuff wirelessfanfare italicize washtub preshowknee blank kebab paralysis...



It is not known what his disposition was as an infant but it is assumed that he was born innocent, curious, bright. His parents were mostly absent, the father physically, spending his days looking for work (or at the motorcycle clubhouse being teased like a child by his mates), the mother emotionally, having spent her scant nurturing abilities on the...

Hot Cross Bunnies


Setting: outdoors in a clearing, an alter with crucifix on the west side, an entrance to the clearing from the east side, the entrance is open to the east so that the morning sun shines in.

come dionysus


come blessed dionysus
many named lord of winemaking
ritual madness theatre and religious ecstasy
sensuous and beautiful androgyne
we await your disorderly arrival...

days end


at days end
i sit on the roof
drinking dark milk
in sulphorous light
i am rewarded
for once again
goddamn fuckall...

the bee and the bat


we might think that as we evolve we become more aware of death of it’s inevitability we become less susceptible to the pain to the grief more accepting of it with the resurgent interest in eastern philosophy spiritual beliefs we might even expect that as we lessen our attachments we walk through life with a more evolved accepting state of mind taking...

Pumiquat v.2


Pumiquat v.2

Although it has the same name as my first chapbook, published in 2010, Pumiquat v.2 is a completely new book. It includes most of the poems from v.1 and a lot more. The chapbook was about 40 pages and this one comes in at 142. It contains poetry, flarf, haiku, invocations, experimental writing and a monologue.

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we all saw them nobody can ever take that away from us we saw what we saw not remembering who saw first or who insisted we pull over get out not one of us will forget the first thrill the first image the awe the amazement on the top of a bluff maybe a hundred feet above the water the air was clear the mid-day sun behind us the view spectacular the scattered...

Pumiquat v.1


Pumiquat v.1

Pumiquat is my first poetry chapbook, published in 2010. The title was given to me by a friend in a dream. It’s a short book with 13 poems and some original photographs. The print version is available from Lulu, Amazon or you can download a PDF version for free.

Key West Lyric


my head is smoldering
on the hipster beer porch
after this morning's hot yoga class
in the garden of Gehenna
otherwise known as Key West
aka the laryngoscopical paradise...

untitled (still the breeze)


dry, dry air, moss, lichen, pale green, grey-green, sage, gnarled, twisted branches, dusty, olive leaf, olive berry, olive (the color), aubergine, (purple), sword leaf, star-shaped, shifting, drifting, swaying, trees, branches, leaves...

I Know Why So Many Women Wait So Long to Speak of Their Abuse


My impulse upon discovering the #MeToo campaign was to join the chorus because I am also a survivor of sexual abuse. Speaking out has been helpful to my recovery. By being outspoken I want to let other sexual abuse survivors know they are not alone and maybe even to encourage some of them to break their silence. After a few minutes reflection, though, I...



She stands out there for the world to see,
her undecided right arm raised
against the ash grey sheet,
neither beckoning nor saluting,
four stubby half fingers
mocking the wave you might prefer
to have seen...