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My legal name is Eric Benvenue-Jennings. I was born Eric Jennings but I added Benvenue when I got married. My wife, Pam, did not change her name, which was a wiser choice. My hyphenated name has created a lot of minor annoyances so I usually just go by the simpler version.

I was born in Franklin MA in 1959 when it was a woodsy country town with several large dairy farms. My family moved to Falmouth, on Cape Cod, in 1972. In 1980 I hitch-hiked to Oakland CA where I stayed until 1987. In that year, while traveling with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, I fell in love in Atlanta GA and lived there until 2019. I am very happy to be living in Oakland again.

I work for MenHealing as a volunteer helping with branding and social media. I am currently re-designing their web site which should be live before the end of July.

This is my poetry blog.

I have an essay blog: Kill Your Guru.

I have a photo/imagery gallery: patamystic.myportfolio.com.

You can read a little more about me on my store site, Rapid 13, which is where you can also buy my books.

If you want to contact me you’ll also have to go to Rapid 13.

poetry by Eric Jennings