poetry by Eric Jennings


come dionysus


come blessed dionysus
many named lord of winemaking
ritual madness theatre and religious ecstasy
sensuous and beautiful androgyne
we await your disorderly arrival
from beyond the borders of the known
free us from sobriety and seriousness
anoint us with your pinecone-tipped wand
and seduce us into your mystery dance

come innocent amphictyonis
blessed and drunken goddess of wine
friendship and internationalism
teach us to sing like the morning birds
endow us with the courage of lions
eradicate our timidity and reserve
that we may make asses or ourselves

the holy returning



many mystics believe
that higher states of consciousness
cannot be achieved through
the use of drugs.

many scientists believe
that mystical experiences
exist only in the brain.

the question both groups are not asking is:
which came first: the brain wave or the blown mind?


children instinctively challenge
the narrowness of consciousness
by spinning under blue skies
synchronizing their subatomic bodies
with the earthly and universal realms.

they whirl dervishly in defiance
of the oppressive restraint
of decorum and inhibition.

they intuitively practice
yogic breath retention
hyperventilating their way to
a pranayamic euphoria.

drum pulse

after thirst, hunger and sex
the fourth inherent human drive
is to intoxicate
to seek altered
states of consciousness.

on all continents
across all cultures
throughout all of human history
we have been hacking
our genetic programming
by ingesting entheogenic agents
provided to us by our holy mother.

holy, holy, holy
the worrd is holy
the body is holy
the soul is holy
the returning is holy


holy poppy seeds and cannabis in siberian burial sites
holy yopo artifacts in ancient argentina
holy huoma used by the zoroastrian magi
holy soma drank for entry into the divine in the the bhagavad gita
holy blue lotus of the nile in egypt
holy kykeon in the eleusian mysteries of ancient greece
holy the sweet wine of noah
holy amanitas
holy ayahuasca
holy belladonna
holy cannabis
holy capsicum
holy coca
holy coleus
holy datura
holy ephedra
holy ergot
holy guarana
holy henbane
holy iboga
holy kava
holy khat
holy mescal
holy mandrake
holy mimosa
holy nutmeg
holy passionflower
holy peyote
holy salvia
holy solandra
holy st. johns wort
holy tobacco
holy wormwood
holy yerba mate
holy yohimbe
holy, holy, holy
the word is holy


Invocation to Pork & Beans


I call to Carna, Goddess of pork and beans,
Bringer of health and strength to the physical body,
Defender of children and other human beings,
Lady of the Vital organs,
especially, the lungs, intestines and heart.

I call to Carna, also known as Crane, Sacred Witch.
sworn enemy of screech-owls, vampires, rapists and cads.
Protect our bodies from violation,
ravishment and desecration.

I call to Carna, also known as Carradora,
Una Strega Buona,
Free us from guilt, shame and the chains of silence
that we may open our hearts
to the wonder of imagination and creativity,
and to the experience of joy,
which is our birth-right.

poetry by Eric Jennings