the big draw

my brain didn’t get something it needed in the first few months of it’s life every urge, every crave, every impulse. every avoidance, every every, is trying to meet that need i meet that needin those ways andmorebut then againa few minutes lateri forget that needi forget that urgei forget that impulsei forget that avoidancei …

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untitled (when the machines came)

we lay on the dreaming prairieafter the birth of mountainskilled forests in shadows of rainabsorbing memories from sandthrough the temperate grass your final contented sighreleased me from my troubled skinto merge with a crimson riverwhere forgotten megafaunabellies full with pignon reflect tumultuous air and contained fireonce promised white-tail hartand dread-locked oxena blessed end to their …

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diceware gumball

rover earlobe garage folk lavishuntried yanking undertow enclosedeploy bakery excusable epidermaldolphin frail repressed broadwayslapped sporty foe monorail glaringshortcake salvation encourageuncouth elm thinly custard angertheorize coyness quizzical emperorhydrant shrewdly handcuff wirelessfanfare italicize washtub preshowknee blank kebab paralysis ultimatumslouchy postbox around ultimatumescargot clustered humpback backlashundergrad plenty savor washer unpackmonogamy guacamole dodge evolvesedation snowdrop vision evolveglazing absence reformat …

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She stands out there for the world to see,
her undecided right arm raised
against the ash grey sheet,
neither beckoning nor saluting,
four stubby half fingers
mocking the wave you might prefer
to have seen…