poetry by Eric Jennings

diceware gumball


rover earlobe garage folk lavish
untried yanking undertow enclose
deploy bakery excusable epidermal
dolphin frail repressed broadways
lapped sporty foe monorail glaring
shortcake salvation encourage
uncouth elm thinly custard anger
theorize coyness quizzical emperor
hydrant shrewdly handcuff wireless
fanfare italicize washtub preshow
knee blank kebab paralysis ultimatum
slouchy postbox around ultimatum
escargot clustered humpback backlash
undergrad plenty savor washer unpack
monogamy guacamole dodge evolve
sedation snowdrop vision evolve
glazing absence reformat retaliate
showpiece stroller chase tartly
entering deliverer outer commute
wish pushpin distance jailbreak
magnolia down glorious deviate
neuron mandarin surgical aim endorse
rising overbid cornflake dude thesis
scuttle frisbee booted gothic
reoccupy mobilize denatured primate
renegade refueling batboy unsocial
renegade reappoint darling sherry
stark grandson viral strongbox
ethanol glutinous fernlike game
bulge coastland uneaten romp rubber
album thumping polish italicize
submarine bulk agonize doormat relax
eggbeater mule trailing stash spinal
volatile duh shininess duplex
repurpose delicious trident unfitted
situation glamour opium hamster
amuser swaddling gas humiliate press
tingle fabulous unruly reshuffle
squealer sweep ardently situated
vineyard rebel wish obtrusive
flashily enviable saxophone goldfish
wager armored earshot scorer chaps
shabby unmindful dizziness sensitive
unweave expectant yogurt cyclic
yiddish donator freezable endless
pastel struck relatable levers
balsamic spied sappiness hunk
glaucoma agency tuition frays
creative heftiness rundown periscope
headdress tutu femur eggshell
extradite surprise trousers storage
petri handsaw reformist efficient
unbend revolt voltage legacy
escalate showdown verbose cola
astound usage pranker hunting hug
demystify trapezoid vessel unranked
entree debtless saga creamed oaf
nursery unsure gap spectator morale
gumball guide audacity rounding

about the author

Eric Jennings

I am a poet, an invocateur, an acccidental yogi and dabbler in patamysticism which is the spiritual branch of pataphysics.

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poetry by Eric Jennings