About Me


I’ve always worked but the only time I had anything resembling a career was from 2002 to 2017 during which time I owned, managed and taught at a hot yoga studio. Prior to that I had been employed as: a gas station attendant, landscaper, roofer, carpenter, theatrical lighting designer, technical director, actor, computer graphic artist, print production technician, Macintosh systems administrator and web site designer.

I have almost no education. Grades 1-10 were at schools that apparently didn’t think it was important to teach literature, economics, history, civics or anything else beyond rote memorization of basic math and elementary science. I thoroughly enjoyed French in grade 6 and 7 but after moving away from that school system I was never presented the opportunity to study another language again. During 10th grade I was on track to drop out but instead got transferred to an alternative high school program in Woods Hole, MA, called Omnibus, that was taught by a bunch of progressive graduate students.

I want to say that I did not attend college but I did put in a semester and a half at a community college. I also completed most of an American Sign Language Interpreter’s program. 

Photo credit: David Lisak, Bristlecone Project